Have you ever wanted to see how a streetlight works? Or make your own solar powered light? Or even build a working rain alarm? Explorer sets out to unlock the sense of wonder that these experiments inspire, and uses that wonder to drive a lifelong passion for learning.

Made with love in India, Explorer combines top quality materials with patent pending innovations to create a long lasting product that will inspire all types of learners. Verbal and social learners will love that Explorer can be shared and talked about, just like any other set of blocks. Visual learners will love the bright colours and the clear symbols on the blocks, and physical learners will love that the blocks use magnets to make construction intuitive. Auditory learners will love the huge array of sounds produced by the experiments, and solitary learners will like that they can experiment using nothing but their imagination. Finally, logical learners will love the process based experiments, and the instant results they produce.

Explorer is a truly new product designed to help learners experience the joy and wonder that come from learning the way you were meant to.

About Explorer

Explorer is proudly built by Daried. We’re an Indian company with years of experience creating IT and electronic engineering solutions. We believe that a child's development is a continuous journey that happens one spark, one discovery, one success at a time. Every adventure, every lesson, every curious moment expands a child's knowledge and imagination, building to a greater confidence and passion for what comes next. Visit us at daried